What are telehealth visits? Due to COVID 19, these are virtual visits with your MVFC Chiropractor to provide an alternate way of addressing your musculoskeletal health concerns during shelter in place. These virtual visits will be secure, and your health information remains protected.

These sessions can help you address:

  • Symptoms such as pain or stiffness --whether they be long term or new complaints
  • New symptoms and discomforts as a result of shelter in place/work from home
  • Dietary changes that may be affecting inflammation and musculoskeletal discomfort
  • Stress management methods
  • Prescribed rehabilitation exercises to help you manage pain and improve posture
  • Work from home ergonomics
  • Sleeping ergonomics
  • Other treatment plan needs, such as determining referrals for specialists, imaging, etc.

    To be able to participate in our telehealth sessions, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Be a previously established patient of Monta Vista Family Chiropractic
  • Unfortunately, at this time, this benefit is not covered for patients under Medicare

    We will also be offering telehealth sessions as a self pay option, if interested

  • Physically be in the state of California during the telehealth session
  • Have a strong wifi or ethernet connection
  • Have a device that offers you video and audio capabilities
  • Comfortable clothing to perform exercises (if needed)
  • A private space with enough room to perform movements for exam and/or exercises prescribed

What to expect:

  • Virtual session invitations will be sent to your email
  • Visits will be around 20 minutes long
  • If you have a new symptom or complaint, your chiropractor may perform a virtual examination with you to fully evaluate the issue

  • Treatment plans may include at home modalities to help you with your discomfort, prescribed therapeutic exercises, ergonomic and posture evaluations, nutrition and supplement recommendations, and stress management recommendations or referral if needed.
  • In the case of technical difficulties, please confirm a phone number we can reach you to work through any issues together

Some issues may not be appropriate for virtual care, if so, we will help you determine the next best course of action to obtain in person treatment

TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT: is a HIPAA secure platform that will ensure that our sessions together remain private and secure to protect your health information.

Please view the following youtube video on how to use in preparation for your session:…

To decrease the likelihood of audio/visual disruptions during the session, restart your laptop or device if it has been awhile since last shut down and close any other open programs as this may slow video or audio feed.


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Our office is open for in-person appointments; however, office hours may vary as COVID-19 has been affecting operations. Thank you for your patience.


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